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Borgan Invasion (Chapter 2 part 2)

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Default Borgan Invasion (Chapter 2 part 2)

The F-28 squadrons of the 1st and 6th SFWs left Earth’s atmosphere and proceeded through space.

“Vulcan 1 to all units, the target drones will be firing flasher beams to simulate enemy weapons fire and anyone who gets caught in a flash will have to withdraw from the exercise which will simulate your death,” Captain Sumner said.

“Deathstar 1 to flight, this may be an exercise but treat it as if this were the real deal.”

“Captain Sumner, I got a message from Space Command saying that the Russians have sent their SU-38s to join us,” Lieutenant Adams said then the SU-38s arrived swiftly and joined up with the F-28s.

“This is Stonecrusher Squadron of the 1st Space Fighter Division,” Lieutenant Colonel Vasska announced.

“This is Redstar Squadron of the 2nd SFD,” Captain Bilinskii, said

“And this is Spacehammer Squadron of the 3rd SFD,” Captain Levkov 1 said.

“This is Deathstar 1, of the 6th Space Fighter Wing, the alien fleet is 129 miles out and consist of numerous battleships, medium sized troopships and a mother ship with nine carriers as its escorts,” Captain Kissinger reported.

“Let’s show the enemy what we’re made off,” Captain Sumner said as the space fighters continued their flight towards the alien fleet.

“This is Millennium 1, our flight path puts us on a straight path to the ships,” Captain Bernard said,”

“Stonecrusher 1 to flight, arm R77s and prepare to target enemy troopships.”

“All units we have a problem, the enemy has detected our approach and my
scanners indicate that the motherships escort carriers are mobilizing their fighters for launch and the rest of the ships have activated their shields and defensive weapons,” Corona 1s copilot said.

“Corona’s 2 through 24, arm ERAAMs and target the carriers fighter bays,” Corona 1 ordered.

“This is Corona 2, we got a lock on the carrier bays and awaiting your orders.”
the pilot reported.

“We're within 119 miles from the fleet,” Corona 1s copilot said.

“Fox 3,” Corona 1 shouted then four ERAAM missiles soared from the fighters.

The missiles entered holographic mode as they headed towards their targets then the battleships unleashed a heavy barrage to take out the missiles which effortlessly sped through the fire from the ships.

The alien carriers opened their bays but the missiles breached their shields and returned to solid form as they entered the bays.

The F-28s and SU-38s launched a salvo of plasma warheads at the lead ships and broke formation.

“Corona 1 this is Corona 5, my sensors have detected numerous explosions in the fighter bays that are engulfing the enemy fighters.”

“Corona Squadron, thanks for taking their fighters out of the equation,” Captain Sumner said.

“Roger that," Corona 1 replied.

A pair of five F-28s launched a salvo of two warheads per fighter and turned away swiftly as their weapons headed for the ships. The alien battleships fired wildly in hopes of keeping the fighters at bay and shooting down the incoming warheads which flew through their shields and resulted in their destruction.

“Comet 1, this is Comet 2, the ships we targeted have been destroyed and the battle is going very well from what I’m seeing on my radar.”

“Roger that and I got another group of battleships in vector 240,” Comet 1 said then the five F-28s headed for their next set of targets.

As numerous battleships exploded from warhead attacks by the fighters, the SU-38s of Stonecrusher Squadron launched a salvo of R77 missiles that soared across space and destroyed the troop ships that had unfortunate privilege of being targeted by the missiles.

Three F-28s of Deathstar Squadron dodged a burst of enemy fire as they flew by an alien ship which was obliterated by a warhead shot to its main engine by another F-28.

“Deathstar 7, thanks for blasting that ship off our backs,” Captain Kissinger said.

“Roger that boss.”

“One of the battleships just positioned itself in front of the mother ship and is throwing a barrage of heavy fire to keep us from reaching the it,” Kissinger’s copilot said.

“Target confirmed three miles dead ahead and I got a lock on one of its offensive firing ports,” one of Kissinger’s wingman reported.

“Take it out Deathstar 3,” Captain Kissinger ordered.

“With pleasure,” Deathstar 3 replied then launched a warhead and the fighters drop down below the ship as the warhead entered the firing port and blew the ship in half.

“The bays of the escort carriers are still smoldering but their weapons are still
operational,” Deathstar 3 said.

“Deathstars 1 through 3 this is Whitesword Squadron of the Russian Air Force 1st Space Fighter Division, we’re moving in for a warhead strike on the carriers so stay three-hundred feet below the ships to avoid the explosions.”

“That will also enable us to dodge the motherships fire so thanks for the heads up,” Captain Kissinger replied.

“Roger that,” Whitesword 1 replied as the squadron of 48 fighters dived towards the carriers.

“Whitesword 1 this is Whitesword 7, the mothership has begun firing its weapons to keep any fighters from getting close,” the pilot said as another voice came over the radio.

“This is Nebula 1 to all fighters near the mothership, my squadron has a lock on the motherships weapons and we’re about to commence suppression strike,” Major Reynolds said.

The SU-38s of Whitesword Squadron launched four warheads and pulled out the dive as the warheads bypassed the shields and destroyed the carriers then a massive salvo of ERAAM missiles from Nebula Squadron flew in and destroyed the motherships weapons as Captain Kissinger and his wingmen flew under the mothership.

“Scanners indicate that the mothership has suffered major damage and all weapons have been silenced,” Deathstar 3 reported.

“Whitesword and Nebula Squadrons, nice going,” Kissinger said as his group of three fighters flew pass the motherships engines and came back around. “Lieutenant, send a message to all fighters telling them to head back towards Earth because they do not want to be around when this ship blows,” Kissinger ordered.

“I’m making the message now sir,” Captain Kissinger’s copilot said as he pressed a several buttons and sent the message via datalink as Kissinger acquired the motherships main engine and launched his plasma warhead.

“Deathstar 1 this is Vulcan 1, we got your message and all of us along with our Russian friends are hauling ass back towards Earth,” Captain Sumner said over the radio as Captain Kissinger along with his wingmen moved to catch up with the other fighters.

A few minutes later, Kissinger’s copilot looked back and watched as the mothership exploded.

“Alright, target destroyed,” the copilot commented as they rejoined their squadron.

“This is Deathstar 5, my radar indicates that we all made it through the simulated battle,” The pilot said as the fighter units headed back to Earth.

“This is General Heinz to all fighter units, exercise complete. General Rurik and I extend our congratulations to you on a successful joint exercise. You all worked perfectly with great teamwork and precision.”

“This is General Rurik to all Russian space fighters, your performances exceeded expectations considering that this was your first exercise.”

“Stonecrusher 1, roger,” Colonel Vasska replied as the Earth came into view

“Sir, I’ve received the coordinates for our reentry point,” Stonecrusher 1s copilot said.

“Stonecrusher 1 to all SU-38s, proceed to point 197.”

The SU-38s pulled away from the F-28s who were heading towards their reentry points over Colorado and Florida.

Once they arrived at the designated point, the SU-38s descended into the atmosphere over Siberia and headed back to their base.

Part 3 coming soon.

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