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The unknown fate (warning strong language)

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Default The unknown fate (warning strong language)

There were days when I thought about love, what it does to you. Sometimes you felt lost, or in fact scared. I sat in the lounge, nursing my Jack Daniels. The room was big with a fireplace front of me, a vase with flowers in. It was roses, my wife loves them.

My wife, Anna, she was beautiful but she’d had caused havoc. In the past, she had gone out drinking every night, never had spent much time with me. Sometimes I had to find things to do; I never wanted to muddle in her life, but I had to as it was all me, me, me.

I went towards the photo on the wall, glanced at it hard. The picture was of her wedding day; as I remembered it was sunny and that was the best day of my life.

The house we were living in wasn’t posh as you would expect to; even through, we were living in London.

There she was in red dress, which covered her knees. Her blonde her tied-back and she’d smiled.

“You okay darling?” she asked.

“Yeah, why shouldn’t I be?” I replied.

“I’m just asking. You been drinking again,”

“Shit.” She scowled at me, she hated me drinking. Anna always
said that drinking kills; sure it does. I watched her face,
everything tightens, and she pointed at the cup. I knew what I had to do. I placed the money in the cup.

She turned away.
There were days where I couldn’t sleep; well, that had been the last few nights and it was her fault; she had me worrying that she cheated. The truth was that she didn’t.

I went back to the drink, gulped it down, that what I needed. The pain I’d felt was still there.

“Anna,” I said.

“Yes,” she replied.

“You fucking cheated on me.” She jumped backwards. I took the
note out of my pocket, showed it to her.

“I’m sorry.” The anger raged through me, you don’t want to believe it but you have to. I grabbed her arm and with it in my arms, I guided her to the bedroom, took out the gun. She started shaking.

“Please don’t do this.” She was begging and I like that. You see, I am not an animal, I just someone who had enough of tumour experiences.
“Why shouldn’t I not do this?” I asked. I wanted some answers, so I kept the gun at her.

“I didn’t mean... to cheat on you. I leave, if you want?” Anna replied.

I pulled the gun away, packed her bag and turned my back. Let face it, we had never been happy. She had already been at the door, she placed her hand, I didn’t shook it. A tear rolled my face.

This was act of betray. She glanced back at me, noticed that I was crying.

“Go on, leave,” I said. She walked through the darkness and I was never going to see her again.

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