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So here I am

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Old 01-26-2017, 03:09 PM
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Default So here I am

At the dentist (7:30 am - waitin' for the place to open)

Known this guy longer than I known my wife

Knew him before he had a wife

Did his pool for him (at his request) for a few years

His wife handled the payment

She would run two or three months behind
at times

Never took the grief to him

Can you see the pit?

He gets on her
She gets on him
I get it in the mouth

Sure - no one would go this way intentionally

Live long enough and you will want to clear
as much "chance" from life's path as possible

Particularly when we're only talkin' some patience
being used to do it

Couple months ago I bowed out of the pool game

Left him with (what I believe) would be
a good replacement

Now I'm gonna get a regular cleaning
Gotta get x rays this time (skipped 'em
for a year)

And the crown corner that cracked off
a filling a few months ago (ahh, the toxicity
of cadmium) will need to be addressed

Wife (mine) said this time she was gonna give me a
card to cover this stuff

She forgot - I brought all my cash like I
usually do

If I'm short this guy knows I will be
back with it in short time (not, heh, months)

And I brought him a gift
(found it in my pool man supplies)
A wearable item for his pool vac

So, bein' normal like you,
I'm goin' through the day with
a big smile

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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