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First of all, welcome to Writer's Beat. Nice to have you here! You're probably still strolling around trying to discover the place. Before you introduce us to yourself, there are certain things you need to know.


You may want to head over to the FAQ page as this is probably your first visit. It contains detailed information every member needs to know about forum usage. Please read them thoroughly before posting anything.

Official contests are held regularly, so make sure you drop by the Contest Central forum. We look forward to your participation and wish you luck. We also offer ideas to kcik start your writing in out Prompts & Challenges forum, so why not pay a visit there as well.

Writer's Beat Quarterly is the e-zine of the website. It's written by our staff with contributions from our members. It includes everything from stories and contest winning pieces, to writing prompts and useful tips and advice. You can download the current issue by visiting the Writer's Beat Quarterlyforum.

Everyone wants to post their writing for review. So once you met the 5-post minimum requirement, why not head over to the Write Here section; it contains a range of forums that cover all genres of writing. Please post at a reasonable pace and critique to get critiqued. Nothing is free!

For discussion related to the craft of writing, go to the Writing Craft section. You can ask for help with your writing; share your secrets with other writers; discuss books and poems; looks things up in The Reference Room; and discover a little something about the world of publishing. We also have a directory of paying and non-paying markets.

Drop by the General Discussion area for off-topic chit-chat. If you want to take a break from your epic, play some of our board games!

In case you are still lost, please contact one of the staff members of Writer's Beat. They're always around when needed.

A Few Rules

Do not post more than one thread in this forum (Introductions). People will get to know you using one thread only--there is absolutely no need to double post threads. You will gain yourself an infraction by doing so or possibly a ban from this section.

By all means, do not bring old introductions back. There is hardly any reason to respond to an introduction that has not had a response in the last couple of weeks. In the forum industry this is known as thread necromancy or thread resurrection. The only acceptable reason to bring back an introduction thread that has not had a response in over two months is if you are the member who started the thread, and you have been away for over a month, to tell all that you are back.

If you still have questions, please message one of the staff members. All of us are more than willing to lend you a helping hand. Don't worry, we only bite on even days of the month.

Again, we are more than glad to have you here as a member. Now go, introduce us to yourself!

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Please critique other's work before asking to get critique on your own.

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