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Old 04-18-2012, 01:08 AM
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I'm not sure if this is even the right place to post this. Anyone please help put it in the right place if there is one.

Struggle. We all struggle to find our own voice. We shove and push, try to get out whatever we want to say. What we need to say but don't. Why we don't is a question that we have to find the answer to. Answers that are there but probably too afraid to admit? Afraid. Fear. Fear of not being someone who you are supposed to be as opposed to being someone who you want to be?

Who do we want to be? We want to be someone free from the chains and prisons that we have created for ourselves. Why do we create these prisons. They aren't meant to be prisons in the start. Just a shield or a fortress that we build up for our "protection". We adapt defense mechanisms to protect ourselves. From whatever it is that we need protection from. A situation perhaps? a series of events?

What do we do everyday that makes us happy? Perhaps we can do one thing a day to make us happy? Giving us a sense of freedom and eventually hopefully one day be actually free.

Freedom. What is freedom? How do we define freedom? Is it actions that can be done without consequence? I suppose true freedom would be where we know we can do anything we wish. Obviously knowing what the consequence is but, the ability to act without any limitations? Emotional limitation that is.

Limitations. There are no limitations except the ones that we set for ourselves. Right?

Why do we do that? Why do we allow ourselves to be limited? In thoughts or words or actions? If we have the ability to go above and beyond, the ability to go farther, push ourselves. The more we push the farther the "boundaries". So why don't we?

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Obviously, you have a keen awareness of your surroundings. Nice writing.

Some of the questions you ask may have answers never meant to be revealed. We came from "universal sparks" (for lack of a better word). Why were all species (including us) created in the same manner--to kill to survive. Did creation have to be formed in that manner? I often wonder if species could have evolved (however they evolved) differently, without the need to eat (thus, eliminating the killing also).

One would have to question nature itself (to question evolution) to get satisfactory answers. That might be impossible.

In my own little corner within myself, the farthest from fear I ever got was when I'd sit in my mom's kitchen listening to her comforting words as she whipped up a plate for me. It was there in her kitchen that I could actually relax and experience real peace and real freedom because there wasn't any need to defend myself from any harsh realities. But, when my stay in her comforting environment was over, it was then when I had to become a gladiator again. Strapping my boots, grabbing my shield, reaching for my sword--leaving her apartment to enter the hostile street (the world) to face the people from whom I had to defend myself. Guess, that's the way it will always be. Sadly.

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