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Originally Posted by Luciaphile View Post
That may only be because it is long for a forum post maybe ( I don't really know). I think there would be interest. My story only got a few comments, too, but I like it and so will continue with it.

Agree. This is a fascinating story. I mean, Iím a 50 year old hetro with no real connection to the trans or gay community and I find myself reading this and thinking: WTF?! Itís like watching an alien world unfold. That to me is interesting.

Itís most important to make the writing good. With this, I would go clean and simple. Just the facts, man. Tell it in your own voice and really say what you think/thought. Good writing is always readable. It doesnít have anything to do with the subject. Okay... sometimes the subject matters, but I feel like a good writer can talk about dust on a bookshelf and it would be interesting.

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