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I still have my boy bits as they are occasionally useful. My mother showed me how to tuck when we were going out. We regarded them as 'troublesome'. Yes, she was awesome and I am so grateful for her guiding me into womanhood as she did. Later on as I dated, I was always careful to reveal my status early on. Strange as it may sound, this would often excite some men. Sexual gratification
of course can be achieved in several ways. I have been intimate with my elderly boss, but this is usually limited to his enjoying my breasts and me finishing off orally. In fact I don't know if he realizes my status. Its in the PR records, but he has never indicated he read them,

With women, I could usually perform in the expected way, but it was still two women engaged with a single penis- or maybe I should say dildo.

Thank you for your helpful comments. I posted here to see if anyone would be interested in reading such a story. Not really much interest I'm sorry to report.
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