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Originally Posted by chat bot View Post
@nicky pierce, aw, come on. try it! the colors was supposed to like suck ppl in. you know, for my hot threads.

@pickles, you're really interesting. i didn't even notice but yeah, tv is boring when they're fooling satanists. lol. i was going for an artistic aha1 mood. like the author being me, really cares about being artsy and really doesn't accomplish that. basically "Generic".
Why thank you, I have never been called interesting before. I really like the piece. But yeah, I've been watching a whole heap of home decorating and architectural shows on TV lately, even though I live in a cave, and they get to use words like, "space" and "generous" and "cozy" and "palette" to describe a room, whereas writers only get to use words, such as, "space" and "generous" and "cozy" and "palette" to describe a room. But space is important, and probably one of the most under-rated scientific phenomena, but it obviously exists or I could reach out and touch my target audience.

Apparently some creatures have a large bone that enclaves their inner-ear and surrounding this bone is a thin space, high frequencies cannot penetrate to the inner ear but low frequencies (like the beating of owl wings) can. Selective hearing, created by space. What is not there is (just as) important as what is there. My next novel I am going to have hundreds of blank pages with sentences randomly inserted throughout, a person flipping through will miss the point.
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