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("...a generalization then..." started the goblin remembering something that was so long ago now, then continuing "...looking back at the writers club meeting, that occurred each thursday evening then, just there always seemed to be two types there then, those with grandiose plans of what they were writing for, what they would gain by it, and who they were by it too, and then the second type more like myself who just turned up there with something to share openly for no real reason bar some inability to stop their pens from moving across the page, where maybe it's just a generalization on my part then, but the ones who are real writers to were the ones who couldn't stop themselves for their efforts to...", and how now too, all these years later, a lone unknown goblin still seemed to sit out his day in the bistro accompanied outside by a sun high above him that made a slow wondrous ark in the deepest of skies, and how many times to date, but the goblin just smiled trying to word it to himself in his way here, saying "...yes, there are those by their nature then, just as there are those there by considering advantage now, where my dailylife has alway been lived by me seeking out advantage each step along the way, whereas at least my writings here have been me by my nature instead, still this journey to self perhaps yes that would be how I generalize my writings now...")

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