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Default Building a Platform

I did exactly this, albeit by accident. I'm a new member here, so if you'll permit a somewhat lengthy post, I'll tell you how it worked for me.

In 2003, I started a project to document ghost towns through photos. My partner and I were both poor and we didn't have any way to share our work but through a blog, which was eventually joined by Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and other social media.

By 2013, we had hundreds of thousands of website visitors every year and 35,000 fans on a Facebook page that we started in 2009.

Then we found out about Kickstarter. We did a $12,000 crowdfunding campaign to fund our first book.

Because we built a platform first, we had fans ready to fund our campaign, and buy the book too. The book sold out in the first sixty days.

We have now put out three books, we have two more coming this year, and I left my job to do this full-time. We have over 125-thousand fans now. We did six figures last year. Now that I find myself doing this full-time, I have time to pay attention to my writing, too, and not just my coffee table books.

The key to the success of the whole operation was, we had a ready-made platform of fans to sell our product to once it was ready.

It is a LOT of work, but it doesn't have to take you ten years like it did for us.
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