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Originally Posted by Seedy M. View Post
Anyone who comes to Authonomy or other writers' site to try to sell books are rather naive. The reality is that we are trying to sell books. You have to get away from the idea that you can sell to other writers, though you can get critiques and lessons about improving your craft.
I'm on Facebook to meet others in different lines. The same caveats apply: writers are there to sell, not buy.
You can use the net to sell, but by going to groups with similar interests. You can often mention something like, "I'm so excited! I just had a book published!" and pass on. Someone will ask you about the book, you tell a little about it and pass on. I sell murder mysteries on Orchid forums. I do not mention the orchid culture books until someone asks if I'm the C. D. Molton who wrote ...." Say, "Yes," and pass on. You will then get someone who says they have the book and it's very: good: a piece of crap: informative: or whatever.
You will then sell a few of that book.
The trouble I have in promotion here is that it is a Spanish speaking country. They don't buy my books, except a few who speak English and live here. The Clint Faraday Mysteries are here, real places are mentioned. Some will buy for that.
Pre-promotion is a bad idea, in most cases.

I see what you did there, you clever bastard :-)
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