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I think at first you kinda do that to get support when writing like how we do here.

I have a lot of authors now on there and I'm happy with that because of the evaluations I'm offering, and the blogs I sometimes write about writing.

But there comes a time when you have to connect with READERS. So hard to get people to understand that. I mean literally they blink at you for moments like you have lost your mind.

It's an "out of the box" think method that just has so many stumped if they've never been in marketing or otherwise trained as a professional. Targeting the right group is something you have to learn how to do. And the how to sell you book books make it worse!

Reclusive indies, posting 75 links a day is just...ugh. Where do I even begin?

And readers are complaining. Like more than they did before.

"Crap books being shoved down my throat for free daily! Even at that price they had no editing or are plain boring!"


Very scary.

Because eventually Amazon will hear their customers crying about how they can't find what they want so they just buy less.


Then there will be gate keepers once again. Only, they will be so swamped again with all of the new artists (let's be honest everyone is one these days) they too wont be able mitigate reasonably.

I give advice to people getting evals, and my first one is find out where your type of readers are. You've written the book, YAY! Next stop, connecting with people who actually will like it.

When we started our review group (most of them are readers), it opened the door to pockets of readers who have book clubs and so on. I've met up now with people who just love literature like me. And then instead of pitching my crap, I simply treated them like human beings. (novel idea?)

We talk books. Other people's books. I'm still an avid reader. (Don't get me started on writers who have no time to read OMG. SO SO many of them tell you this) And then if THEY ask about my book I have a link ready.

What I see too many authors doing is acting diva day one.

Posting comments as if to their "fans". You earn fans. Social networking is for you to ...socialize. Make actual friends. Don't just watch that friend counter rise and then post your wares.

Stop shilling your dang intro level book to us. STAP!

Even famous authors who have a FB, on their actual Timeline and not pages, they are humans sharing their lives. Take notes.

FB is not there to do anything but make connections. It's not there to sell your books.


Amazon will sell it for you if you hit algo. But everything has to be stellar. And even then, the book has to be hell-a-good. Which many first novels are not.

No one gets the idea that new artists trying to "make it" have to put in their time. Sometimes they have to give things away, and help out better artists.

Learn the ropes.

And write more than one novel.

My Book:
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