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My first post in this thread, though somewhat long, and probably too long for some readers, shows how one can "publish" literally millions of words on the internet without worrying about publishers. If one wants to self-publish one can get many a book "published" on one's own. I use and eBookMall, but there are many other ebook publishers. In addition, writing at internet sites, as I say I am registered at over 8000, gets 100s of thousands of readers, even millions as i say above. This is both good advice and a good tip to struggling writers looking for readers. Many writers hang around at only a few sites, but there are so many sites where one can get readers, interact and discuss writing and publishing, etc.

I have posted the above somewhat long post to provide the kind of detail that tells my story. For those who prefer short posts, the popular internet site convention, I can only apologize for giving you a long read. When I come across a long post that does not look like it will be of use after reading a few lines I do the following: (a) just skim or scan, or stop reading. -Ron Price, Tasmania
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