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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
I’m American, so I probably don’t understand the subtleties, but honestly it looks like a bunch of semi-disenfranchised voters were tricked by a conservative populist movement that sprang-up for many reasons, but spurred heavily by a refugee crisis and slow economic recovery.

I heard that if they voted again today it wouldn’t pass.

So, come on you pussies! You voted for it, now it’s time to eat that cake. You’ll probably be worse off on the whole, but maybe the huddled masses will learn what they get when they buy into that populist crap.

Probably not though. And we’ll probably re-elect Trump too.
Not a bad summary. I foresee a time when the brexiteers have to go into hiding for the lies they told.

The British Establishment has never recovered from losing WW2. They've been in denial ever since, and still cherish an image of themselves as a world power akin to Norma Desmond. The brexiteers skilfully stoked that exceptionalism. England is not a team player, and does not want to belong to a club of equals. It still believes it rules the world. Such delusion should be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

You yanks appear to be suffering a similar identity crisis. I don't think anyone was more surprised by Trump's victory than him. Just like Boris playing the Brexit game to further his political ambitions, the Donald wanted "Presidential Candidate" on his resume, to raise his business profile. Losing would give him the perfect ammunition to blame the closed Washington elite and security services. He loves to paint himself as an outsider, a rebel, appealing to all the disenfranchised who unexpectedly voted for him. The trouble is, having won he now has to deliver all those outlandish promises, like a wall no one wants to pay for.
Awaiting the return of the Dog’s Arse Messiah.
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