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Originally Posted by Crump View Post
I would agree with everything you've said except that I do believe state education should be paid for out of general taxation, and that it is fitting for childless people, those whose children have grown and businesses to make a contribution.
I will still disagree. And may ask for you to define general taxation. Is this Property Tax, Income Tax, or a Consumption Tax.

In my state within the United States (Ohio) the Ohio Supreme Court had decreed some years ago that it was unconstitutional for schools to derive monies from property taxes - property owners end up with all the burden for education and may derive zero benefits. Yet property tax is still the main driver for educational monies.

There are things about the property taxes that are off kilter to me. Different school districts put levies on the ballot, millage (percent of property evaluation) varies from district to district. An area without any significant industry (rural, farming communities) will typically have the highest millages. It gets wonky because individual communities put on different levies, but the State of Ohio collects the money and re-distributes it. The state then adds some touches like not returning funds or returning all funds if there are less than 300 students in a building. So people can be paying taxes into a system and then see the money go somewhere else.

Income taxes catch a greater segment of the population but just as not everyone owns property, not everyone has a taxable income.

Another downside to older people still paying taxes for a school system - some of their retirements are fixed, while the cost of school taxes keeps rising.

One more point about state funded education - for the people that dont pay in to the system, there is less motivation to get something out of the system (other than free babysitting and 2-3 free meals for their kids each day). It is a rare person that truly values what they don't work for.
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