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Originally Posted by AnyaKimlun View Post
You're not giving any good reasons for it though. I get we need schools because we need somewhere for children to go free of charge whilst their parents work.

What I don't understand is why you think parents who can read, write and add up can't teach their children those basic skills along with potty training, sleeping, behaviour etc ?
OK, here's my reason. I don't know many parents who would be capable of doing this but I do know many who would not. Where you are the ratios may be reversed, but I would doubt very much that we would find that in the country as a whole most parents could do it. Parents already have the choice to educate their own children, Anya, and very few choose to do so - that alone should sound a warning for your idea. Forcing them to do so would be a big risk with lots of downside if it goes wrong.

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