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Originally Posted by Crump View Post
You are fairly unique, Anya. I doubt that one in a hundred parents has the time or, more importantly, the ability to manage their own children's education.

That's because they equate education with school. It actually takes around an hour out of my day with all three of them we don't teach we learn together and all it requires is basic reading, writing, arithmetic etc all the things most people who have gone through the state education system have. I don't need to get them back and forth from school, there is no homework etc. There is also none of the usual involvement with school - if anything we all have more time not less.

It takes far more talent to prevent a never schooled child from learning than it does to teach them. Even when my ME is bad and we don't do much they still make huge strides. My middle child is a little behind but he's got issues that would have left him behind at school. My daughter is working on various projects and I barely see her - which as she is ten is probably about normal.

What it does mean though is I am required to spend time with them and I don't use school as a free babysitter - the latter is why we need a state education system more than anything else. Our economy needs schools however I do think we would be better educated if we only used them for children of the illiterate.

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