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My favorite author has got to be the one and the only Jackie Collins. I think that Jackie is a strong influence on the way that I write. Jackie is not afraid to push the edge or write the craziest thing ever or make you fall in love with the most unpredictable couple. I want to write stories that go outside of the box and make you think and are funny and dramatic and just wild. The moment that I picked up "Lucky/Chances" at a makeshift library when I was 10, I instantly became hooked on anything Jackie Collins. 27 or 29 books later.....I still find Jackie's writing to illuminating, wild, and extremely entertaining. Everyone says that Jackie is the queen of trash lit but to me she is a master of insanity and someone that has a strong influence on the way that I write stories. I would say Harold Robbins has a strong influence on the way that I write as well but I have only ever read one of his books(Memories of another day.)
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