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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
There's a lot to unpack here I don't have time just now but just for clarity's sake...

Admitting to no longer being a Marxist is a JP argument and therefore ideologically charged? I came to this conclusion long before I came across JP for the record. I'm unsure of why appearing confessional is an issue, it would be odd to appear anything otherwise given the context.

And also I'm now far right? Is that what we're saying here? If so could we pinpoint which ideas expressed specifically would be characterised as far right?

You hate black people. Oh, and probably Mexicans too by extension. You think women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or have any rights. This is proved by you getting your girl pregnant (see how that works?). You’re eating a lot of red pills (far-righters are always on the pills, “prescribed,” of course).

And... you’re in “business.” That’s a dead giveaway. You righty’s loves you some business.

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