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Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post
Hating men. I understand why some women would, just as I understand why some black people hate all white people. I hate hate and hate hating hate and I'm just too weird and have those issues where I've always felt too privileged as a white woman and once I realized how racist the rest of the world was, I knew I had a lot of work to do as an adult. Honest, when I first learned about slavery I cried and not sure I ever got over it, serious I got the VHS of Roots sitting around all my books and just waiting to find kids to subject it to before I teach them how to.. garden.
Hating men or white people is pretty dumb. I understand it inasmuch as I understand that some people are stupid.

Be sure to let them (these kids you're looking for) know that slavery is an ancient institution perpetuated by every race at one time or another across the globe for millennia. Putting it crudely enslaving the conquered, the criminal, the weak and the poor was the order of the day pretty much wherever you look. Nobody was safe regardless of the colour of your skin -- this was all about power.

If any white person is called upon to feel guilty on behalf of the elite one percent of Americans who owned slaves they can also be called upon to feel pride on behalf of those who fought successfully to have it abolished.

Here’s the big omission about African slaves. The Atlantic slave trade is roughly 400 years from the 15th - 19th century. The corresponding Arab slave trade which was just as brutal for Africans 1400 years and carried on long after 1807. This isn’t to make the case that one is worse than the other, it is to highlight that one precedes the other is hardly ever discussed. That it actually still goes on in modern form today is mind blowing:

I hope we wouldn’t say that Arab children should feel ashamed about this. Unless we really believe in the heritability of sin I suppose.
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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