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I will go into more detail in due course but take universities and social media as an example.

Take a look into the policies which govern the demonatisation of videos on Youtube.

Just to give one example Karen Straughan uploaded a video recently analysing a interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman. The interview has become infamous because it's a naked display the type of tactics which SJWs are renowned for. Newman was never interested in exploring what Peterson had to say, and only wanted to create a strawman villain to attack and misrepresented Peterson's speech at every turn so much so that the interview truly blew people away.

The day after the interview the Guardian produced and article again painting Cathy as a victim and Peterson and his hoard of alt righters as a group of vicious misogynist trolls. But if you know Peterson, he's a serious thinker, and a perfectly reasonable even endearing character. So something's deeply wrong.

OK so then Karen Straughan uploads her analysis. Here's the result:

"Within ten minutes of this video going up, Channel 4 had hit me with a copyright takedown. I filed a dispute based on fair use and it's now viewable again, but have lost my monetization privileges on this video for up to 30 days, the fuckers.

Gotta love it. They set it up so you can't make a dime during the period your video will get 90% of its lifetime views."

The title of the thread alludes to a documentary film made by a feminist. Here's a young independent woman who has been making films for over a decade -- she smashes it with a great film which skyrockets her to fame. You'd think the left would be happy for her. Yet the reaction is to try and shut it down because it happens to explore the views of Male Rights Activists.

Vice runs the headline 'Why Australian Men's Rights Activists Had Their Bullshit Documentary Banned'

Netflix had it up for a little while and then decided to take it down. Why?

OK then.

Imagine the headline running 'Why Australian Feminists had their bull shit documentary banned'.

Won't happen.

Milo Yiannopoulos is permanently banned from Twitter and is routinely banned from speaking at universities. This is normal, "in the UK in the past three years, institutions have enacted 148 bans, 30 institutions banning newspapers, 25 banning songs, 20 banning sports clubs or societies and 19 banning speakers or events."

Why? Well we all know the epithets:

White supremacist

blah blah blah

This I think explains the attitude of a lot of SJW's because social media and the universities through censorship herd the culture in a certain direction. And the policy of shutting shit down for the other side rather than inviting them to the table for an adult discussion has been mapped out for them. They think that they have a right not to be offended -- quick logical check on that renders it ridiculous, obviously.

I try to use women to illustrate these points -- because people would otherwise think all women really agree with this stuff. This girl is 26 so has just been through the meat-grinder of today's universities:

"Everyone is in this big race to be the most progressive, and the most [air quotes] open-minded [air quotes], and the most oppressed. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. And it's just, it's like infesting, like, the internet, and it's starting to seep out into the real world, and like, I really, I really don't like it. I don't. [....] Tumblr is the reason there is just this outbreak and infestation of SJWs ruining muh internets and ruining muh real life and just sucking the sense of humor out of so many people I know. And just like, they're all in this big competition to see who can be the most progressive, and the most tolerant. At the same time being the most annoying and the most intolerant people that I've ever, ever met in my life. It is just a big-- it's the oppression Olympics. Everybody is forcing themselves into the oppression Olympics and they are making problems for themselves. [The] victim complex is amazing with these people. It's mindboggling. The otherkin, we got the 50 freakin' different genders, we got the PS-- PSTD, from, cyber-bullying, what?"
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