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Default Red Pill Collection

This will be an ongoing thread for bits of media which expose the absurd aspects of modern liberal thinking. The type of stuff which compelled me to rethink my own political leaning.

Reading Orwell in particular gave me a romanticised vision of socialism and the left. It's true there is a great paradox in Orwell's outlook which is at once anti-establishment and for a system which necessarily centralises control. This notwithstanding his analysis of the attack on language -- and how our speech and even our thoughts can be curtailed, manipulated, policed by Big Brother and policed by each other in a climate where only certain things can be said or thought of is as relevant as ever.

That stuff made sense to me. Ironically the new leftist trend to 'de-platform' or ban or shut down anything they don't agree with doesn't seem to have taken heed to his message.

I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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