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whatever happiness the goblin had was tempered somewhat by a certain sobriety and by his growing acceptance of the actual uncertainty of his future, all being something understandable even, explaining " see, the further back I go into my past the more I seemed to hold securely a lie perhaps knowing it was just a lie all the same, and yet believing in its simplicity as one might believe in either god or santa, and even now, that child in me craves for that lie still that the rest of me can't or won't accept any more, simply the child in me craves its american dream still with those safe perimeters of work, family and home...", where all along any belief the goblin held in something was a measure of his doubt in it too, since it simply showed that he didn't know it for sure since he was only believing in it then, and where this sobriety of this age together with his growing sobriety too, had shown him that the american dream had been a facade all along, and that nothing either that simple nor that certain could be really, yet that belief had still been comfortable compared to this sobriety of today's understanding that nothing is certain save for one's own exit, whereupon the goblin, concluded "...and, although I can't interpret any of this present day sobriety as happiness per se, which it isn't of course, at least I am grateful to be able to accept what remains of my life with its uncertainty and knowing too that it's this uncertainty that has made my life all the more real to me for being tinged with uncertainty even..."

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