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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
Yeah, like no one carries a semi for primary with a Snub as a BUG.
Actually I carried a 4" Ruger Security Six. When my Dad was doing some state level arson investigations a cop friend of his gave it to him, and Dad, with the cop's blessing gave it to me. It was professionally tuned, it's the slickest Double Action I've ever handled (including the time I got to handle one of Sid Hatfield's Triple Lock Smiths, but that's another story)

Since this particular Security Six is blued and not Stainless, I'd rather carry something that I wont worry about the finish. I have run across several stainless versions of the Security Six, one day I might acquire one.

The Springfield Milspec 1911 came with the stainless tube, and the parkerized finish is wearing well. And I'm really used to it by now.
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