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("...posting is like painting, where experimentation is all..." went the goblin still here still posting on, then adding "...and so china is to hold their shijiu-da in october, where Xi Jinping's remaining in office after that goes without saying, after all while "the west" has been stagnating behind the media given sideshow of minor issues, Xi Jinping from day one has moved china along substantially building up those ties with the "non west nations, brics nations, AIIB bank, and now the introduction of a gold standard too...", in fact, looking back it will seem like obvious that china was looking at this longterm, and was winning too, the goblin made a gesture with his hand trying to find the right words, then restarting "...well, it would be in nobody's interest, least of all in china's now, to have the west topple overnight, instead china is building towards this gradual de'credifiction of the reserve currency, where if anything china is not so much banking on the west being unable to meet its compounded debts, which already it can't meet, no china is banking upon what always happens when debtors cheat, the traders move to sound money..." and then the goblin laughed, relating "...I mean odd isn't it, the russianburger has no substance but is all over the media menu while the chinaburger has real substance but is nowhere on the menu, kind of makes one feel sorry for anyone who calls himself a media journalist today, at least I as a non journalist then can say openly here that not only does the emperor wear no clothes, he's penniless too, and will have to resort to brute force soon...")

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