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My income has come from the practice of Law. Only a very small proportion of my material has been published.

When I tell people that my true passion is writing, they look upon me as a fool, seeming to reason that if I haven't had much published I'm wasting my time.

I am very uptight as to how I am perceived, and I think that artists who are not yet recognized are spat upon. The attitude of the common, illiterate a-holes out there seems to be this: "Oh, so you think you're a writer, or painter, or an actor. Well you're just another pretentious, delusional faggot who ought to wake up and smell the coffee, you're not worth anything"

(Of course, the general disparagement of people is ubiquitous. When the Gulf war two started, George Bush told Americans to go shopping. When Hillary Clinton launched her senate campaign in 2000, she said she was going on a "listening tour" of all of NY's counties. Like hell she was. She, and every other lord and master in our pseudo democratic monstrousity of a society is convinced that they know everything there is to know and that the corpus of knowledge needs no new entries. (It's sort of like the decision, in the 13th century in England, to declare that the common law was complete and that no new causes of action were required -- they did manage to sneak-in new mechanisms for relief by setting up what were called "Courts of Equity")

So when you are a writer who is suffocating in the agony of anonymity, the widespread belief that "we don't need to hear a word that you have to say" makes one infinitely despondent and apoplectic with rage.
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