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Default Splitting myself in two

I want to write a query letter enticing an agent to survey my collection of essays and put them into a book.

I have a distinct tendency to formulate ideas that do not go together. Some of my ideas are left wing. Some of my ideas are right wing. My ideas do not contradict one another, but they are incongruent, e.g., being against gun control and opposing Trumpís economic policies do not contradict each other, but the kind of people who are against gun control generally like Trump.

I donít want to sound unduly sarcastic, but I donít think people read things to be edified; I think they read to find their biases and prejudices confirmed and affirmed.

Since sometimes I might be termed a liberal, and at other times I might be termed a conservative, I fear that everyone will hate me. (Actually, the terms liberal and conservative are too vague and plebian for my viewpoints; I am using these terms as a sort of short hand.)

My questions:

1) Would an agent tend to decline to look at an author with incongruent viewpoints?

2) Should I Solomon-like (sorry for my delusions of grandeur) divide the corpus of my essays into two books, one for the left and one for the right or would that seem deceptive, dishonest and cowardly?

Finally, although I think I usually write fluidly and gracefully, somehow I get
very klutzy when I write to people in the literary community. I feel like the country bumpkins in the Beverley Hillbillies (Do you remember that sit com) eating possum stew among people who have only dined on the French delights of Escoffier. So pardon me if this post is dreadfully awkward.

I hope some readers will answer my question. I posted this question someplace else and readers raised all sorts of issues but did not answer my question. Among other things, they said that if I was not a designated expert in politics, psychology etc. how could I be deemed qualified to write essays on those subjects.

Actually, one of my essays explains why experts in a discipline have a tendency to rehash the same tired ideas and require the infusion of provocative thought by people alien to their field.

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