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repost from elsewhere

", I am not in now..." whispered the goblin whose his mind had starting tiptoeing around from under an ever so fained interested in dailylife facade, the one he usually wore towards the outside world where today too, some cold reality of a mundane existence orchestrated between a dailylife and that moneygod who would no doubt demand their dues soon enough, ah but on the inside the goblin just pretended not to be in again, repeating "...who knows, if I am quiet long enough they might think there's no one home and forget about me even for a moment..." but no, somehow this deception never lasted long enough, as invariably the clock discovered the goblin's mental whereabouts and then just unhinged the latch to the outside world once more, letting it all gatecrash the goblin's all too tranquil state of denial here, "...I am not in..." the goblin repeated and repeated again, but the clock was growing dangerously close now with seconds were pinging for his echo


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