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repost from elsewhere, a british "last post" thread

meanwhile back at coronation street's rovers return, "...oh knees up mother brown, knees up mother brown, another stout with your chip butty goblin, how's that anthropological report going then..." the bucksum barmaid asks over the counter where the goblin types away next to her untouched offerings "...well I'll get round to eating them later(lying), btw do you have any coffee by any chance..." asked the goblin half in prayer to a somewhat bewildered barmaid rubbing the stubble on her chin as she tries to recollect ", coffee now is it, um, I'll go down to the cellar luv, do you know what the bottle looks like...", " that's alright, I was..." as they both suddenly gasped as they saw a policebox appear by the dart's board where out pops a man "...hello, I am the doctor, I say, could I have a chip butty too please with a coke now...", the barmaid leans over to the goblin again whispers "...bloody londoners from the BBC, always the same, he'll start asking directions next, just you watch..." the barmaid voice grows louder adding " you go luv, if you want more HP source just holler..." as she plonks the chip butty on the counter, "...thank you, and you must be a goblin my good fellow, always nice to meet someone from the computer world, btw you wouldn't happen to know my way off this ITV channel by any chance..." the barmaid just squinted her face and gave a nod of "told you so" to the goblin who added it to his report here

[footnote: dr who did find his way back to the BBC after accidentally landing in ITV's coronation street , not least because the goblin had given directions in exchange for a giant tin of instant coffee, that is, moments before the barmaid, now changed into her revealing sexy space suit, entered the tardis saying "...back in tick luv, the doctor has promised to show me his knobs..." where the goblin just squinted his face and gave a nod of "told you so too" as was customary on coronation street]

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