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("...yay, thread moved to the best spot on the forum, thanks admin, love you now, yes I promise to say nice things about holland and I'll put the money in an envelope and just slip it under the counter as agreed then..." went the happy goblin suspecting that others might join him now, well, all welcome to try he supposed, yet didn't everyone just know that there could only really be one goblin at the end of this, saying " post at your peril mortals MYAHAHAHAHA...")

repost from elsewhere

the goblin felt that Kas81's undercover work at the writersbeat dance club was getting close to uncovering their big secret now, as she managed to take this one secret video of the forum's ring leaders here, for she was coy, oh yes, she had them all fooled into thinking that she too was one of them then, and yes, even the goblin had to admit that she was perfect at it

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