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repost from elsewhere, an american "last post" thread

the goblin filled out the notice: "missing, american housewife last seen pushing grocery cart down goblin's last post thread, if found please return to her to the supermarket where another one can be duly attached, warning, do not feed and do not approach as she can be dangerous in that she might fall on you, thank you", "...there slot the things I do for this site, honestly I should get a "bottom poster" award for this...", "...goblin, if we do come across this american housewife ourselves...", "...don't worry slot, I have it all planned, we can borrow a dumpcart, turn it on its side and roll her in, ah wait a sec, how are we going to get the dumpcart upright again..." the goblin looked down and was rubbing his chin " know slot this could be more difficult than I thought..." said the goblin now open to suggestions

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