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("...depends upon which section of the forum..." replied the goblin thinking that there were designated areas upon this forum where one was supposed to post to be criticed, and yet other places where one could boldly push the envelope of posting possibilities, relating "...I tend to encourage posters to have their own thread somewhere since it gets them both better known longterm and easier to find too, whereas it's a great pity to have done some informative post somewhere only to have the thread itself die out on one as unseen there, equates to "post lost" through no fault of one's own, thus I post around across forumland, not just upon writersbeat now, and then later collect whatever first attempts I like together, editing and adding an underlining picture where need be, and where I tend to find the reward far outweighs the effort doing it, why, because it gives my posting a long term context of wider readership...")

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