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Default Need Help Coming Up With a Reason for a Cold War

I've been thinking about writing a book about a cold war with a habited Mars, but I'm not really sure what the cold war could be over. I know that I want it to last a while, and for it to have similarities to the actual Cold War, but I also want it to be able to be different enough to stand on its own tenents as a realistic series of events.

I plan on writing a mars that didnt lose its magnetic field in its distant past, so it still has an atmosphere and developed life alongside earth. Most of the water is below the surface, however, and is pumped out of the ground by machinery. The 'canals' that astronomers saw in the 1800's were actually the civilizations built around water sources closer to the surface. In the 1960's the Mariner 4 flew over and took images of the surface, showing the life forms that were living on the surface of the world, proving that Mars was inhabited. We spent around maybe a decade or so (have to do a bit more research on this part) sending radio signals towards them, trying to get some back. Eventually we did. After a few more years translating their language into something we could understand, full contact was made between the two planets. In the early-to-middle twenty first century, we finally were able to send and recieve ambassadors, further connecting the two planets, and after that, we had a bit of immigration between the two. Not too much, as space flight was still expensive, but just enough so that there is a bit of a population of humans on mars, and a bit of a Martian Population on Earth.

I'm not a very political person, or very knowledgeable on politics, but I plan on doing some research on cold war era politicians and history to help me out with that. I was hoping that the people here on Writers Beat would be able to help me with this, as I'm a little out of my depth.

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