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Default Boris Elton Humphrey

Hi there!

I知 Boris Elton Humphrey, a likable fellow. I doesn't delve into other people's business. In fact, I知 considered a hermit of sorts. Never married though I知 sometimes viewed as handsome. Of course, I知 now in his late seventies, bald, wrinkled like a prune and ma elbows are thrust back grasshopper like.

But hey! I知 generous and that makes up for that. I知 quite willing to share ma material possessions with any woman who might accept me. Course ma possessions don't amount to much more than a decrepid cot and some second-hand clothing and books. But that should pose absolutely no problem for a gal who loves sincerity over material things.

And I知 certainly sincere. Why, I'll tell the gal right off that I has false acrylic teeth and a chronic halitosis to go with them that might make a skunk envious. So no surprises there. I値l also readily reveal that I知 double-groin herniated and unable to carry heavy groceries lest I winds up in ER with an entangulated intestine. But hey! Any robust gal with a sturdy back won稚 really mind at all. In fact, it might appeal to her as-yet unexpressed maternal instincts.

I知 also very forthright about what I thinks and how I feels. True, part of it is due to ma Tourrets tendency to shout out obscenities at full blast. But if you listens patiently and carefully, you値l note that I whispers profound truths between each livid absurdity which makes putting up with it very worthwhile for the woman who is seeking a philosophically-inclined gent like me.

Shucks, I knows ma posture isn't the ideal. Shoot! Some might even consider me hunchbacked. But when I知 viewed from certain angles and if the light is just right, why, I sometimes might manage to seem almost handsome. Especially if the gal has eyesight trouble. Then that shouldn't be a problem at all.
In short, I知 unquestionably the ideal man for the right woman. Any takers?

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