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Default Self Help

God helps those who
help themselves,
or rather, those who
help themselves,
help themselves,
perhaps they happen,
to think God assisted
but I know differently

I asked God why
bad things happen
to good people

He said, ‘oh well,
I gave you free will’

So I whipped out the ol’
baby born with aids argument

No choice there,
no chance for baby
to repent, or pray its
little bastard way out of it

He said, ‘I don’t intervene —
the world isn’t perfect or
fair and at no point did
I say it was.
But it’s yours,
and it ain’t bad’

I was cool with that
seemed pretty honest
to me

God was the creator
but it was clear
that when it came to
our affairs,
his role was
that of
a helpless
well wisher

I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.

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