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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
No they can't. You can 'learn to write', ie you can become literate, but if you don't have innate talent (as Twain most obviously did) you might as well never try anything more complicated than a shopping list.

If all it takes is a bit of practice, why aren't we all writing bet-sellers?
I suggest you read this post.

If you call a student talented, it’s an excuse for them to not work as hard. “It’s easy for them.”

If you say they don’t have talent, you allow them to not try at all, or think something is impossible to do and then quit.

In my opinion, talent is a deadly word to attach or even mention in front of any child.

Now, let’s look at writing. James Lee Burke, Stephen King, Nora Roberts and others at the top of the lists are the most talented writers we have working. Many readers don’t have a taste for a certain writer’s work, but doesn’t matter. The bestsellers are talented storytellers who sell millions of copies every time they put out a new book. The evidence is in the sales.

I’ll take myself at this moment as an example. Compared to a beginning writer, I have a vast talent for writing. Compared to King or Nora, not so much.

My talent AT THE MOMENT is a measure of my ability and craft. Right now.

And it depends on who I am being compared to.

But the key is that I am not permanently FIXED at this talent level. I can keep learning, practicing, working hard, and get better.

I can become more “talented.”

And, of course, that measurement of my talent is also completely subjective to who is doing the looking. One new writer might think I’m talented, some other writer might wonder why I even get published at all, let alone make my living at it.
Not everyone is a best selling author because not everyone wants to work that hard. Not everyone has the time to work that hard. Not everyone wants to write. And not everyone has the same passion for writing.
Self publish and succeed. Write your next story instead of endlessly marketing your current one. Read Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog, and Dean Wesley Smith's blog. Learn the business of publishing. Become a professional writer. Don't sign bad contracts. Don't hire an agent. Make enough money to quit your day job. Yes, it sure is possible.

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