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There is plenty of Joe's writing about the site and he has plenty of talent.

The thing is with your theory about Mark Twain is that you cannot see what was going on inside his head. All you have to base your hypothesis on is his writing ability. You stated he made a living on stage telling stories - have you read any reviews of his performances ? To be able to orally deliver a story requires an understanding and talent relating to the medium and indicates the basic ability was there in him.

I was thirty-three before I first started writing, Sitting in front of the TV one day I doodled a picture of a short, dark prince called Jonathan. Underneath Jonathan I started to write - with no intention of doing anything more than entertaining myself for an evening. One month later I had the first draft of a YA fantasy novel it was written in third person past tense and was about this small, dark prince told from the point of view of his dead father. It read like a seventies porn movie without the sex.

Ten rewrites later and the prince became 6ft11, blond dreadlocks and one eye. He is also called Angus. It is written in first-person present tense and works. The writing and my ability to tell the story has altered beyond easy comparison.

The talent to create the characters and form the story has always been in my head however getting it out on paper needed to be learned.
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