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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
What's kind of interesting is seeing how people's behavior changes in pretty subtle ways that you probably wouldn't notice if were drinking.

And then there are the people who wouldn't normally give you the time of day, but after a few drinks, you're best buddies. This one lady tonight -- our kids used to play together -- she was all hugs and kisses and oh we should all get together! I don't think she even remembered my name.

But this was like a real cocktail party to celebrate an engagement -- there was a real bar and people were dressed up etc. Not really about getting hammered. We cut out early, but there were definitely a few people who were on their way to be over served.

This was a pretty well behaved crowd -- but we have a contingent of neighbors who set out to get fucked up. It's like a college mindset -- and these people are in their 30's and 40's. We always leave early because it just gets out of hand.

One Sunday morning after a party I got up early to putter around in the yard -- and here comes one of the neighbor ladies -- walking up the street looking disheveled and carrying her high heels. I did the merciful thing and pretended like I didn't see her.

Yeah, that doesn't sound interesting. It sounds like watching a bunch of guys have a jam session and not being able to play (especially when the bass player sucks and you know you could kill it)😎
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