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I say: to beer!!

Yeah, I know, you already knew I would say that.

I've been addicted to things in my past. Weed being the most pervasive. I was a 'wake and bake' guy for maybe 10 years. I finally quit when my pregnant girlfriend (now my wife) threatened to leave me and take the baby if I didn't. It was a pretty simple decision.

I grew up with parents who were recovered alcoholics. Al-Anon, Al-Ateen meetings, the whole nine yards.

Like I said, I've been addicted to things, but it was always possible to quit.

I drink beer now, but nothing else. It does slow the constant flood of ideas and possibilities. Oh, and the anxiety that goes with being a perfectionist.

I do watch myself and stop drinking for a month or two to make sure I still can. It also helps my belly go down for a while.
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