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Originally Posted by eripiomundus View Post
I'm chemically redecorating my cranial innards with the cheapest box of beer I could find
When I was first trying to get off drugs and trying to drink successfully, I was totally broke.

I used to get this malt liquor called "Steel Reserve." I think it's like 8.5% and it was about $1.19 for a 24 oz. can. It was absolutely awful, but a couple of those would really fuck you up. That's what I call value!

The other choice was Barton's Vodka in a plastic bottle. It was like paint thinner -- and it would get warm under the seat of your car and take on some of the plastic taste. I've heard people say Vodka doesn't smell on your breath, but that shit would make you reek to high heaven.

Aah, good times...
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