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Default To beer, or not to beer. THAT is the question

So, contrary to the title implying there's a decision afloat, I'm chemically redecorating my cranial innards with the cheapest box of beer I could find and, in the spirit of fully appreciating the bubbly hops-slosh, I started to think on the topic of alcohol.

Seems to me we drink so as to cull the extra-curricular activity of our brains. Alcohol de-oxygenizes the blood, which means some areas of cognition must be downgraded, and since inhibitory neuro-functionality is a recent upgrade, and is therefore a peripheral add-on, it becomes ballast before more primitive regions, leaving us in the blissful state of not giving a f#%k.

So yes it's a depressant, but at the same time the lack of inhibition leaves areas that, in their unrepressed state, feel positively invigorated... for a while. Then it's all depression - not in the woe-is-me-where's-a-noose kind of way, but... well, you know what I mean.

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