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Default Writer's Beat - Monthly Newsletter - June, 2006


There is an exciting new system that we have at Writer's Beat. We are utilizing the Zoints Profile System. What this basically means, is that we have a very dynamic "social-network" environment bridged onto the forum community. There is much more to it than just a profile though. It's still in beta and you'll just have to stick with it to grow. It's free, all you need to do is be a member at Writer's Beat and then make your profile by clicking "My Profile" from the Zoints navigation.

Check out this thread for a tutorial:

###### LINKS OF INTEREST ######

Dephere's “A Glimpse at the Staff” -

Zoints Profile Contests -
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Writer's Beat is looking very hard for reliable graphic designers, programmers, coders, marketing skills, management skills, something else not mentioned but you think we could use.

If you don't have any of these skills but know some one who does, especially graphic design. GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM! Writer's Beat is going to be big. I don't have to say why, it's just a given.
Position Priority Level: 1-10
PR : 10
Programming/HTML Coder : 9
Graphics/Web-Designer : 10
Management(Moderators): 3
Management(Brainstorming, Development): 8
Description of PR thanks to JHarrison (Currently our only PR guy):

What is P.R.? It is Public Relations. It is the perception of how your organization is perceived by the outside world. There are many variables that are accountable within public relations. Your organization must have outside contacts, and it is important for others to see the organization with the least amount of blemishes as could be. The public interactions between members of the organization are very important. Important contributors might be looking at investing time and effort to help the organization grow and prosper. Public relations requires a person to go out and make contact with other companies and centers of influence. How each can benefit from the relationship is what the P.R. has to find.

That is the technical explanation. Here is what I do. As moderator of Commercial Writing, I found market and contest listings for our members. I then look around the publication's site. I get as much information as possible. The editor is contacted. I tell them that I have listed their publication's internet link, along with submission guidelines, in Writer's Beat Writing Forums. I ask for a link back. After a few correspondences, relations are being built. We then talk about mutual projects that can benefit both. Some editors and publishers take a look at our site and actually become members. That is what Public Relations is about.....relationships.


Kalibantre - Anyway, I would like to say thanks on behalf of anyone who ever dreams of getting published as now thanks to JHarrison we have a wonderful commercial writing section. I don't think there is a single member here that wouldn't be able to find a suitable publication to send work to.

And also thanks to riverwriter and xfactor for their helpful and unbiased critiques of so many works.

JHarrison - I would like to give a shout out to Ian. He was very respectful when we were having a communication issue.

Oasis Writer - Shout out to me Since my birthday is in June....I mean, everyone that has a bday in June.

riverwriter - I would like to shout out to everyone brave enough to post work and to everyone brave and thoughtful enough to post comments on the work. Without writers and readers, type is just disorganized potential.

DFischer - Thanks to everyone. You make the community what it really is. I'd also like to thank each and every person that links to writer's beat. You really make a difference for us.
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Writer's Beat Monthly Newsletter - May 31, 2006.

In addition to the updates shown here, we are also looking for affiliates/partnerships with programs/sites/companies that would benefit a writing community. Newsletter
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Sorry for the part 2, I forgot to include things.

June’s Publication Showcase
by JHarrison
Each month, I will choose a publication to showcase in the Writer’s Beat Newsletter. This publication has linked back to us, and has given a little extra effort in building the relationship with Writer’s Beat. The editor or publisher will be contacted, and interviewed. The publication will receive a month of being stickied, at the top, in the Commercial Writing forum.

For June 2006, the showcase publication is Chimeraworld. It is published by Chimericana, an extreme, bizarre, psycho-erotic nightmare fiction new breed of publisher. The editor/creator is our Writer’s Beat member Mike Philbin. CHIMERAWORLD #4 things to do in a bizarro car is to be published around Xmas 2006. The deadline is September 2006. Here's a nice Christmas present for you and yours. A book about car-nage. We all need a car nowadays, right? We've all read (Stephen King's) Christine? Have any of us read (JG Ballard's) Crash? We've all been taken on long car journeys into unknown territory.

So, what is this year's Chimeraworld about? It's about the theme BIZARRO and the theme CAR, hence the subtitle 'things to do in a bizarro car'. It's about car-lust, it's about car-warfare, it's about car murder, car revenge, car conscience... But we don't understand your guidelines Mr Philbin, can you make them any clearer? Well, I can try. The thing I hate about life in the twenty first century is that we're driving around in gas-guzzling cars that are eating up the world's resources and are, technically, the same as the Model T Ford from the start of the twentieth century. 4 wheels. Chassis. A noisy, polluting engine. Traffic jams. Cars are the true horror of modern living (there is no alternative). People are born in cars, grow old and fat in them: people die in their cars. The world passes them by; unknown, unnoticed.

If you really want an essence of what Mike is looking for, here is an excerp from the third issue of Chimeraworld:

Quoting Mike Philbin:
Misogynist, atheist, terrorist - three simple words to strike fear into the heart of any God-fearing, society-compliant blinker-visionist.

Get your mad verbs, your crazy nouns and slightly skew-whiff adjectives around this thought. You are all being controlled by BIG BROTHER. It happened while you were asleep. You believe the hype. You buy the trainers. You believe.
I want belief-destroying narratives that will literally rip normal minds from their skulls. Tell the world to wake up and smell all morning beverages. Pontificate about the role of modern reality as you’ve never done before. Give birth to the future of horror, push beyond sci-fi, and send in the mysteries of the liberated universe.

That’s how this year’s guideline went - and boy did I get some corkers.

Interview between me and Mike Philbin:

Jay (Writer's Beat): What make Chimeraworld different from most publications?
Mike (Chimeraworld): That's a good opening question. And a question that's given me a lot to think about. A better way for me to answer this would be to say why I started Chimeraworld in the first place. Mediocrity. I saw it all around me. Not just in the small press (though my visit to the Horrorfind Convention in 2002 was a shocking revelation of sloppy writing, clichéd themes, generic characters and dramatic paucity) but also in the crap major publishers were happy to support and market and put on the shelves of the average book shop. I hate middle ground in all its forms - get a hairy pair, I say. Show the reader impossible-to-dream worlds. Take him/her on the ride of his life. That's why I started Chimeraworld, to bring the reader something he had been denied by the dull, grey publishing machine. Something truly alive.

Jay (Writer's Beat): What kind of readers does Chimeraworld attract?
Mike (Chimeraworld): Hopefully, those very same readers who're totally bored by the modern published product with its simplistic A-C greek narrative structures and its insistence on conclusion to the detriment of true (anecdotal) resolution.

Jay (Writer's Beat):Who created Chimeraworld?
Mike (Chimeraworld): Well, it's mine - I 'created' it. I used to write under the 'keyboard name' Hertzan Chimera (I mean why have a pseudonym that's normal, right?) and he started to take over my online life, so I killed him off. Chimeraworld is the echo of the late (and some would say not-so-great) eponymous writing demon; non-ironically it's an anthology of the sort of stories I wish I could find more of on the book shop shelves.

Jay (Writer's Beat)oes it matter if the writing style is English or American> (for example:
colour vs. color, etc.)
Mike (Chimeraworld): Doesn't bother me. I think the average-intelligence reader can handle either English or American-English in the same book. In truth, American-English and English share some vocab but the structures aren't always the same, so right away an American can tell it was written by someone from the U.K. and vice versa. Chimeraworld stories come from all over the world, not just UK and USA.

Jay (Writer's Beat):What do you like to see in submissions for Chimeraworld?
Mike (Chimeraworld): Because I try to sculpt a different 'atmosphere' for each Chimeraworld, adherance (or at least reference to) the thematic guidelines of each issue are of great importance to me. Initially, I sent back most submissions with critiques like (this is not a generic horror antho, read the detailed guidelines and resubmit something more appropriate etc...). Now that Chimeraworld is in its 4th incarnation (things to do in a bizarro car) the stories I'm recieving now are much more on guidelines and I can see the writer really revelling in his artistic freedom. As long as you don't bore me or try to write down to my level, your story is gonna grab my attention. I'm a very hands-on editor in that I will suggest rewrites where I feel a story hasn't fully explored its potential - the writers have responded to this very positively.

Jay (Writer's Beat):What is the publications circulation?
Mike (Chimeraworld):It doesn't have a circulation ... the idea all along was that I would run Chimericana Books as a fun thing. I didn't want hundreds of printed copies littering my house. I wanted it to be a totally online entity. Published through LULU on a Print On Demand basis and sold either direct or through I split any PROFITS I make on each issue with the 23 contributors; this year I'll be offering a $10 advance on royalties.

Jay (Writer's Beat):Advice for writers and future writers:
Mike (Chimeraworld):Write like you're going to die tonight. Pour it all out.

Final comments: I read stories from both the first and third issue of Chimeraworld. If you like raw, in-your-face, unpredictable, refreshing type of horror, this is the magazine for you to submit to and read. If you get squeamish or are easily offended, I recommend you submit to and read something milder. Mild is not an adjective that should be allowed in the same sentence as the name of this publication..... I would like to thank Mike for him answering the questions that I put before him. Writers, remember the very last thing Mike said, "Write like you're going to die tonight. Pour it all out."

Stadium Arcadium review by Ian


Warner Bros. Records
Disc: 1
1. Dani California
2. Snow (Hey Oh)
3. Charlie
4. Stadium Arcadium
5. Hump De Bump
6. She’s Only 18
7. Slow Cheetah
8. Torture Me
9. Strip My Mind
10. Especially In Michigan
11. Warlocks
12. C’mon Girl
13. Wet Sand
14. Hey

Disc: 2
1. Desecration Smile
2. Tell Me Baby
3. Hard to Concentrate
4. 21st Century
5. She Looks To Me
6. Readymade
7. If
8. Make You Feel Better
9. Animal Bar
10. So Much I
11. Storm In A Teacup
12. We Believe
13. Turn It Again
14. Death of a Martian

Release Date: 05/09/2006

Let’s face it; “By The Way” wasn’t the best that the Red Hot Chili Peppers could dish out. Sure, some songs were like weed, but others were just plain filler. So when it is announced that the bands next album would be a double album I was both excited and scared. Excited that I would be listening to two whole CD’s worth of new Chili Pepper material and scared that this could easily become a disaster. “Dani California” acts well as a single, but is mixed at being a fitting representation of the album. While for the most part it’s what one should expect of Stadium Arcadium, the chorus is pretty like nothing you’ll find on either disc. Sure, Anthony’s voice is catchy from time to time, but not in the way he is on there. His singing for the whole album is smooth and melodic, a vast improvement over any of the other Red Hot Chili Pepper records. The best part about the single is that John Frusciante plays a sweet solo in it. I wasn’t sure if he would play like that for the rest of the album, but most songs on each disc contain a solo with each being grand. With over four years time to write material I was sure expecting something big. I was first met with disappointment, but satisfaction soon found me.

The first disc of the album is really the second best. “Jupiter” has a lot of good songs, but the flow of the album is extremely static. On a number of the slower boredom ensues almost immediately. “Slow Cheetah” and “Strip My Mind” drag on relentlessly and would definitely not be on here if the record were a single disc. In fact, it would be safe to say over half of “Jupiter” wouldn’t have a chance of making it on to a single disc release. That is not to say there aren’t absolutely any entertaining songs. “Charlie” shows the funky and blues side to Red Hot Chili Peppers and even though it is slow, it does not become weary to listen to. When the title track of “Stadium Arcadium” began I was scared that Daron Malakian had joined the Peppers because the first second sounds like the introduction to the terrible “Lonely Day”. Thankfully, this is not the case and what happens during the song is the opposite of terrible.

“Stadium Arcadium” may in fact be one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers most relaxing songs. Anthony Kiedis clearly shows he can sing a lot better than he could before. In fact, he has actually become a truly superior singer. “Torture Me” is the best song of “Jupiter”. Flea plays an intense bass lick for a while before every instrument comes in abrasively hostile. Kiedis comes in frantically with, “Because I’m happy to be sad I want it all I want it bad. Oh-oh-it’s what I know.” It seems that this will be one of the few songs that have sensible lyrics before Kiedis adds, “It’s a vintage year for pop I hear”, which is something he would say. While “Torture Me” may be frantic it is also very smooth. Thus it would work great as a single showing the blues and funk influence combined with bits of heavy and slow segments. “Jupiter” does end on a boring note that lasts for more than just one song and all hope seems lost for “Stadium Arcadium”, but “Mars” comes from behind and whacks the ears with sensational songwriting and flows excellently.

Of the two discs, “Mars” is the one that is most worthwhile. The consistency is so strong that it could almost support itself as a single Red Hot Chili Pepper album. As soon I started listening to this disc I was completely enwrapped and enthralled with it. Even the quiet songs are much stronger than they are on “Jupiter”. “Desecration Smile” epically opens up this superb second disc with an acoustic guitar and bass intertwined together with the drums providing a steady beat. Anthony continues to show he has infinitely enhanced his singing by sounding completely unlike his former self. A ballad seems a strange way to open the disc, but it works wonders. The funky songs are much better too. “Storm In A Teacup” could quite possibly be one of the greatest Red Hot Chili Pepper songs ever. Each instrument makes itself known (plus extra instruments) at one point or another. Anthony varies from talking, melodic singing, and rapping. The guitar has a catchy lick that fits the old Chili Pepper style well and the solo Frusciante plays is amazing. John manages to express the various influences he uses all throughout the album in this one song. The structure of the song shows how much the band has evolved as a band and separate musicians, but it can also be determined that they may still be trying to find their niche. Whatever the case, this is the best “Stadium Arcadium” song.

“We Believe” will most likely become a single just because of the simple, but frighteningly catchy chorus where Anthony and a dozen others sing, “We believe”, repeatedly. At one point a guitar line seems almost Pink Floyd inspired, which is amazing, yet not surprising. Other than this though, “We Believe” does not offer much else. “Made You Feel Better” is Blink-182 with funk influences. Mark could have easily replaced Anthony and fit in with the music still. Even the lyrics have the substance of something Blink would offer. “She’s the one she’s the only one. She’s got ripped back light, gonna make me cum”. “Readymade” is a funk track where John and Flea have never worked better together. They fuse together playing the same thing, but both are audible. Of all songs this is one that shows how long the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been together because it’s so tight and everything mingles together for an incredibly flawless song. “Death of a Martian” ends the two-hour double album and everything feels appropriate. Starting out slowly and seeming almost boring, but then gaining in tempo and becoming a great song is actually almost perfect in the description of “Stadium Arcadium”. It may not be one of the greatest songs, heck, it probably wouldn’t even have been kept were “Stadium Arcadium” one disc, but oddly, it feels an appropriate ending to this great album.

It almost seems silly to compare “Jupiter” and “Mars” together, but the important thing is, do they work together as a team? Frankly as one album together they do. And that is only because “Jupiter” comes up first before “Mars”. If it were the other way around then the case would be that the quality would go down as it went on, but in this case it is the opposite. “Jupiter” starts out fantastic for the first five songs and then hits a couple bumps along the way, but as soon as “Mars” takes the spotlight there is no looking back. Together “Jupiter” and “Mars” make for one hell of an album, but those bumps really can’t be overlooked. Also, with double albums, it would be expected that there should be at least some experimentation somewhere, but there isn’t anything at all. What you’ll hear here, you’ve heard before from the Chili Peppers. Still, this is one double album that even though it isn’t original, is still fun to listen to completely through and worth every penny.

+ Superior songwriting
+ Anthony Kiedis’ singing has never been better
+ “Mars” flows extremely well and contains the best songs

- “Jupiter” is a grower and doesn’t flow as well as “Mars”
- Too many slow songs
- Predictable

?: What happened to the multiple bonus tracks

Recommended Tracks
- “Storm In A Teacup”
- “Torture Me”
- “Charlie”
- “Stadium Arcadium”
- “Tell Me Baby”
- “Readymade”

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