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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
You have become one of the most interesting people in my immediate life.

Go to a library and use their "real computer" (this is what I do when my stuff breaks [or ... ahem ... gets broken]) to post your flash fiction.

Seems the Madness in your handle is earned rather than awarded.

Thank you Nick, I am honored. I do actually have a "real computer" however it is too much of a hassle to use late in the evening. I have to actually wake the damn thing up and then answer a bunch of questions about what I'm doing, which requires a long explanation to my husband about my sudden obsession with replying *Right Now* to some online thread that will likely be in the same place 12-18 hours later.

Anyway, to post my flash fiction article I need to make a couple other posts first so I can include an image. Of an equation. Because I can't find Greek characters to add any other way. But I am on my way!
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