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Firstly forgive my clumsiness I'm posting from a phone!
Originally Posted by FallenShandeh View Post
I find this interesting because all sexualities are just people. The trap people fall into is TRYING to write a character to be flamboyantly gay, when in fact out of all the gay people I know (which is quite a few, because I'm part of the LGBT+ community myself) only one of them is "fabulous" - the rest, you wouldn't know were gay until you saw them with their partners. Sexuality does not define a person.

If you write a character who is a person, and just happens to be LGBT, your character will feel much more authentic, and will not offend anybody (except maybe bigots).
I agree upon reading this. I had been thinking along the lines of getting deep within the character's head. However there is no way being male that I can experience pregnancy anymore than I can having a sexual orientation not my own. And your post reminded me that I had contemplated adding a homosexual character to an in progress season/novel I'm working on. I got writer's block on the whole concept early on because an actor I wanted to use died and while I was trying to figure out what to do about it, I got sidetracked onto other ideas that only used unknown actors. But I think after this I'm definitely going to include him, because you're right. People are people. Some of my characters are 'fabulous' as you said and intended as heterosexual! I guess I just needed a good swift kick in the pants in this area. Hope I didn't offend you.

Thank you! I did indeed. I heavily referenced the drawing from another artwork by an artist I greatly admire (no, not traced, not beyond basic shapes at least) but made it my own, to fit a character who may or may not appear in my novel. His name is Japhrimel, and he's half demon, half elf. But he's that massive cliche of "good guy despite being fathered by the most evil creature in existence" and takes it to such an extreme that he's Lucifer's own son... but is a demon-hunter. So I'm tempted to have him appear briefly as a side character, instead of giving him any significant role.
If he's taken up enough interest to become your avatar I'll tell you from personal experience that intentionally or not... He is going to be a frequently used character be it foreground or background! I made a character specifically so I could use him in one episode. Only like Corporal Maxwell Klinger, he was too much of a character to be a disposable camera character. (Use him once and then no more.) So just have fun. Let the story flow and it should be good!

Hope I forced the quote brackets properly.

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