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Originally Posted by FallenShandeh View Post
That's not exactly what I meant. I meant diverse personalities. It's not okay to have a token gay, or a token trans, or a token person of colour. Having a character who happens to be a PoC or happens to be LGBT+ but is not solely there to be that is okay.

What I meant, though, is not to fall into the trap of writing the same character copied and pasted to fill all the roles. For example, my MC's appearance is likely never to be mentioned (because I write him first person and he's not a narcissist) so he could be anything, but I see him as about 5'10 (medieval fantasy, he's stupidly tall for the time period), black haired and blue eyed, with fair skin. His sexuality doesn't matter because this story isn't a romance, though there will most likely end up being romantic sub-plots (I see him as straight though). What's interesting about him is WHO he is, not WHAT he is. He's new but he's already proving to be quite a complicated fellow and I'm really enjoying writing him.

My MC in another story is a 6'3 supersoldier. She's got dark skin and she's a lesbian but those two points are unimportant to the story and her involvement in it. Again, what's interesting about her is her personality. She's certifiably insane, partly due to her traumatic past and partly because she just is.

Another character I have is a redheaded Irishman (stereotypical I know!) who is entirely different in personality again.

Be diverse in WHO they are, not just WHAT they are, and you have a successful cast.
Exactly!!! The last line, especially! I personally can't write for a homosexual but can write for both genders, with romantic interest in each. Is that kind of the same thing? But the diversity is what I was waiting for someone else to point out. Especially in sci-fi. Having most of the aliens having sterio-typically American personalities, or even just European doesn't cut it! And I agree with your 'token' remarks as well. I have characters that fit sterio-types because of who they are. Not who they're designed to be. I also have characters that challenge sterio-types. And that's the point I was trying to make. The author must be able to incorporate the villain the hero, the coward the child the show-off wanna be and the wisest person alive as well as any character referenced who's none of the above. Also your avatar art is surprisingly eye-catching. Did you make it yourself?

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