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Default Prompt #44-The Year 3015 (part III)

Chekka remains very still while contemplating her next move. She knows navigating the forest will be easy tonight with the moons so bright. She looks at the forest. With a little remaining whiskey courage, she feels for her pocket knife and sets off with determined steps to investigate. Her frame is so small in comparison to the tall, dark, swaying pine trees up ahead. Her faded jeans look almost white against the light of the moons. Once inside the walls of the forest, she pauses every few minutes to listen for signs of life and to smell the dry air for smoke; each time she is given no indication of trouble.

It takes Chekka two hours to reach the first clearing. It is an area she visited during long hikes with her father. The landscape is as she remembers with one exception; a large rock formation on the far west side appears to be a great deal larger. Chekka makes her way through the tall grass to study the rocks more closely. Tiny veins of mica shimmer across the white rocks; she follows one vein gently with her finger tip. The surface is extremely warm and much smoother than she remembers.

A sudden brush to the back of the head and Chekka is knocked face down into the soft grass, her face barely missing the unforgiving rocks. She lets out a gasp of horror and shouts as she jumps to her feet, “Who’s there! Who are you?!”

She is met with silence and a warm tickle on the back of her head. She holds her hand to the back of her head for a moment as she slowly turns around to observe her surroundings. Her hair feels wet. She brings her hand into the moons bright rays and she sees her fingers are coated in blood.

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