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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
reminds me of the Nova Police.
The intent values, the meaning values, all the reason(s) for things that get written by me (by a muse using this body?) are never completely clear (to me).

Some stuff (mostly past pieces) exploded through me (and out the fingertips) after I was Bukowskied.

I wikied Nova Police. I read (in some sixties/seventies half remembered [man- that word's gotta be spelled wrong] world) everything the flawed marksman wrote (thought I got it all).

So, if your N.P. reference is to one of Bill's tomes, I suspect aspects of my 'style' (ha) can be linked to a guy that couldn't shoot straight.

Is your Nom de plume based on that guy that is always dickin' with the devil?
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