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Default It's impossible

to remember everything you've done

Case in point: The regulator clamps for the '75
won't line up their bolt holes with the regulator bolt holes

After much walkin' back and forth between the
'74 (which has a perfect regulator/clamp mounting
setup) and the '75
and lotsa bending of a clamp (I even dragged
out my '76 frame for a bare form to work on -
Doesn't everybody have a parts bike to
keep their two antiques runnin'?)
I now believe the clamp ain't big enough

The giggle is I initially bought (when I started this dropbar thing)
a larger clamp size (on a guess) and exchanged it
for this size

Well - tomorrow it's back to the hardware store
to get two clamps the next size up

Wonder if they will be the ones I returned
for the ones I been strugglin' with

So tomorrow while the world is
goin' nuts over the new president
I think my gig might just start comin'
together better

The more I see people try to interact
with each other the more I appreciate
with some hand tools and
an ancient piece of rolling sculpture

Yeah, like anyone else could get this

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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