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Everyone has been placed in a cage -- what a messy circus

Anti-propagandist phished and phished in return

I did always catch more than my hot rod granny

But what do you do when the game is 100% rigged --

end game. no. just say no.

maybe one day i'll learn to not be such an idiot

and meant to be, and run i should have but where

when there is nothing left, there is nowhere to run

i should have never fed the dark, but it was what i have always done

my joy has become a pain, and now i strive to keep the joy free and fair

the Internet is not for human trafficking for talent and will need curtailment and a

this is why i write and nothing more can be done until it is once again safe to share even our dreams

what a shock and freight I have had amoungst the dark night and waking nightmares.

to share even this prose is giving away too much and such a pity it is to be afraid to share

as silence is oppression and leads to chaos of the soul and madness of the mind.

A beauty it is when we are ourselves and this is what it means to be and stay free.

i didnt do it, except
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