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There's a reason I put "luck" in quotes. That dumb ass waited ten years to get a book deal...must have been one bang up query letter after another. The Lotto is being read.

What's your issue, outside of some elitist affectation with being published in New York, with ebooks or other venues of publication? If it's not fit for the New Yorker it's tripe? Is that it? That's your only gauge for good writing?

I don't mean to be a prick, not that I give a shit, but the big time publishers can sit on their asses and sneer down on the rest all they want. In the end the little nooks and crannies will prevail on as large a scale as ever was. It is inevitable. The growth boom bears that out. Times change and with it so do the tastes of readers and how they get the work they want. The competition is healthy for all. It has been long overdue.

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